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The solution to infrastructure

Whether you're a start-up with the foresight of appropriately preparing for your infrastructure needs or an already established organization looking to upgrade your legacy IT infrastructure, we're here for you. Our experienced team will blueprint and manage the ideal infrastructure to make your service run efficiently, with resilience and scalability in mind.


We proudly utilize open-source projects to the fullest extent possible in our solutions. What open-source entails for you as a client is an assurance of continued quality and transparency. No trying to sell you on proprietary software shrouded in NDAs and mystery and no vendor lock-ins from us. Additionally, you are free to re-tailor parts as your needs change over time, no dealing with lawyers, only building.


Our solutions are built on the cloud-native philosophy. Adopting it allows your organization to become highly efficient while keeping your developers happy. Have a look through our own repositories that are built this way. We also believe that cloud-native should not entail locking you to a specific cloud provider, or even any at all unlike others. The solution you are provided is agnostic, and gives you the ultimate fleixibility of choosing cloud providers as you please.


Time is money. Likewise, any downtime of your service is a significant cost to you both in terms of lost opportunity and potential loss of trust. This is why our solutions are based on the principles of self-healing and redundancy, where your service is hosted amongst multiple cloud instances. If one goes down, another is ready to take its place, while the downed instance is replaced.


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